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Raging Bull Marketing specializes in attorney marketing in Phoenix and other cities. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Campaigns and other various forms of Digital Marketing. We have successfully helped and been a leader in this space and now we want to help you.


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We understand how competitive the legal field is and what types of techniques need to be used. We use 100% white hat techniques, our experience helps us know when and where to be aggressive in order to bring your law firm on the first pages of Google, Bing and other search engines. We use the best Enterprise level tools to help us on all of our campaigns.

PPC Campaign

Our company has over 24 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. The approach is very strategic with SEO and digital marketing for Lawyers. In order for us to provide instant gratification, we perform PPC campaign in conjunction with Search Engine Optimization. As the Organic SEO ranking drastically improves, the Pay Per Click campaigns can be reduced financially to be cost effective for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Many clients will have a list of keyword phrases that they want to see themselves on the first pages of the search engines for, but those aren’t necessarily the best ones all the time. We have an enterprise tool that allows us to analyze which keyword phrase and their variants would be best suited to bring traffic to your website. There are many crucial factors take place when marketing a website with all the competition out there in the legal field. Meta tag configuration is so important and wrapping that around content that is relevant to show the search engines that you should be there. Using the proper high domain authority backlinks from our database of directory and social bookmarking links is essentially telling the search engines you deserve to be ranked. Using garbage links can actually decrease your ranking tremendously, which is why our company has spent so much time in research on getting the proper ones to use. Missing just one of these key elements can create ultimate failure with digital marketing, so it’s important to not make mistakes that can cost you business and a loss of potential customers.

1 FREE MONTH of SEO for Attorneys

Our company is extremely confident that you will appreciate and see a drastic response with your website ranking and traffic increase with potential clients, that we are offering 1 FREE Month of SEO for any Law Office that wishes to use our marketing services. After you gain the trust in our work and obtain real traffic, you may select an advertising plan that is best suitable for your law firm’s budget.

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“I got the customers I was looking for and didn’t have to wait forever for it.” John P.

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