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You have reached the top of the line package, other than our custom catered packages for websites or mobile apps. This package puts multiple staff, researching and marketing with intensity to really drive your targeted audience to your page, game or application.

Revolutionize Your Online Presence with Raging Bull Marketing’s Comprehensive SEO Mastery

Harness the Strength of 100 Keywords Optimization

Embark on a transformative digital journey with Raging Bull Marketing’s unparalleled SEO services, meticulously optimized for up to 100 keywords to catapult your online visibility and drive targeted traffic.

Strategic Inception: Initial Review and Analysis

Our journey begins with a thorough initial review and analysis, laying the groundwork for a customized strategy aligned with your unique business goals and aspirations.

Navigating Triumph: Website Analysis

Ensure a robust online foundation with our detailed website analysis, evaluating structure, functionality, and performance for optimal results.

Guarding Purity: Content Duplicacy Check

Our experts conduct a meticulous content duplicacy check to safeguard your website’s integrity, ensuring impeccable content quality and enhanced search engine rankings.

Building a Fortified Base: Initial Backlinks Analysis

Evaluate the strength of your backlinks with our initial analysis, setting the stage for a robust link-building strategy that stands the test of time.

Vigilance Against Penalties: Google Penalty Check

Maintain compliance with search engine guidelines through our vigilant Google penalty check, safeguarding your website’s ranking and reputation.

Strategic Insightfulness: Competition Analysis

Gain a competitive edge with our insightful competition analysis, identifying key opportunities and areas for improvement to propel you ahead in the digital landscape.

Meticulous Planning: Keyword Research

Craft a winning strategy with our meticulous keyword research, ensuring your content aligns seamlessly with high-performing search queries.

On-Site Brilliance: On-Page Optimization

Optimize up to 50 pages of your website with our on-page optimization services, implementing changes for enhanced visibility and a superior user experience.

Crafting Excellence: Title Tags Optimization

Enhance the impact of your content with title tag optimization, a critical element for improved search engine performance and user engagement.

Code Prowess: Meta Tags Optimization

Delve into the HTML code for optimal performance with our Meta tags optimization services, ensuring technical excellence in every aspect.

Seamless Navigation: Internal Linking Optimization

Enhance user experience and search engine visibility with strategic internal linking optimization, creating a seamless navigation structure.

Captivating Presence: Heading Tags Optimization

Optimize heading tags for clarity and relevance, contributing significantly to improved search engine rankings and user comprehension.

Structural Harmony: Canonicalization/301 Redirect

Ensure a streamlined structure and eliminate duplicate content issues through canonicalization and 301 redirects, establishing structural harmony.

Guiding the Search Journey: Schema Markup Implementation

Enhance your search results with schema markup implementation, providing search engines with structured information for improved visibility.

Visual Splendor: Images Optimization

Optimize images for improved website performance and a visually stunning user experience, capturing attention with visual splendor.

Strategic Connectivity: Hyperlink Optimization

Ensure strategic hyperlink optimization for positive contributions to your website’s SEO performance, creating a network of authoritative connections.

Fortified Defenses: Robots.txt Creation/Optimization

Create or optimize your robots.txt file for clear instructions to search engine crawlers, fortifying your defenses and guiding efficient indexing.

Sitemap Blueprint: Sitemap Creation

Craft a well-structured sitemap to aid search engines in efficient navigation and indexing of your website, creating a comprehensive blueprint for success.

Tools of Mastery: Google & Bing Webmaster Tools Setup

Leverage valuable insights with the setup and integration of Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, providing essential tools for mastering your online presence.

Analytics Profundity: Google Analytics Setup & Integration

Harness the power of data with our Google Analytics setup and integration services, gaining profound insights into user behavior and website performance.

Building Authoritative Bridges: Content Marketing & Link Building

Boost your online presence with our strategic content marketing and link-building strategies, building authoritative bridges across the digital landscape.

Expanding Horizons: Search Engine Submissions

Promptly submit your website to major search engines, kickstarting the indexing process for heightened visibility and expanded horizons.

Blogging Brilliance: 30 Blogs Writing & 60 Blog Posting Links

Enhance your brand with engaging blog content, and secure high-quality links through strategic blog postings, reinforcing your online presence.

Pressing Forward: 8 Press Release Writing & 80 Press Release Links

Elevate your brand with professionally crafted press releases and strategic link-building efforts for extensive visibility and impact.

Local Eminence: Local Optimization

Establish a strong local presence with services including Google Business Page creation, Bing Local Listing creation, pages updates, and schema integration.

Classified Success: Classified Submissions

Expand your reach with strategic classified submissions, ensuring your business is prominently featured in relevant online platforms.

Social Media Mastery: 50 Social Bookmarking, Twitter & Google+ Account Setup

Optimize your social media presence with strategic bookmarking, and set up Twitter and Google+ accounts for impactful social media marketing.

Engaging Audiences: 15 Unique Social Media Posting

Connect with your audience through compelling social media posts, strategically crafted for enhanced engagement, visibility, and brand resonance.

Video Vanguard: Video Marketing Excellence

Leverage the power of video marketing with strategic setups on major platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, establishing your brand as a video vanguard.

Raging Bull Marketing stands as your unwavering partner in Phoenix, Arizona, dedicated to propelling your business to unprecedented heights through a holistic and results-driven SEO and digital marketing strategy. Contact us today to ignite the spark of unrivaled online success.

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